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Up2herb is a small business established with a mission to create the NON-Chemical BUT Natural & Organic moisturizing cleansing product, using the finest oils and natural ingredients from variety local suppliers that would be perfect for dry & sensitive skin. We dedicate to bring safe and highly effective products to our families and customers. 



Up2herb soap is made in an old-fashioned manner where it is never in hurry. The process of soap making is handmade method which requires lots of patience to perfect. Each batch of up2herb soap is hand-crafted in small batches using the cold process method combining with 7 plants-based oils infused with Fresh Aloe Vera Leaf Juice from the garden or Fresh Goat Milk from the farm and other natural skin-loving ingredients, all made by hand pouring, hand-cutting and labeling to ensure the highest quality.



Up2herb soaps are free from harmful chemicals and each batch has its THAI FDA certificate which offers all that you need in the soap to cleanse and to moisturize your skin at the same time. 

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